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Introducing Mega-Brain

October 14, 2010


Mega-Brain is an odd creature who hopped up to me on his one foot the other day and refused to leave unless I gave him a job on The Stranded Alien. I asked why he chose MY blog for which to ply his trade. He said that he admired my logical approach to life and wanted to be a part of my problem-solving mission. I told him I didn’t have any money and therefore couldn’t pay him. He explained that all he required was sustenance in the form of cerebral stimulation. That worked for me because I couldn’t give him food either. As I got to know Mega-Brain, I realized how incredibly intelligent he is. After all, he IS mostly brain. I decided it might be a win for both of us if I put him to work answering your questions – no matter how stupid or complex they may be.

So have some fun and ask him questions about anything – relationships, politics, religion, science, how-to… anything. Simply click the “Ask Mega-Brain” tab at the top of any page and type your question in the comments section. Check back later to see your answer. I’m depending on your questions to sustain his brain. If you don’t participate, his brain will shrivel up and he may die or I may have to lay him off.


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