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A Pleasant Voting Experience

November 6, 2012

I went to the polling place this morning prepared for the worst. After all the horror stories of long lines and 8 hour wait times, I went prepared. I dressed in layers because it was cloudy, breezy and 43 degrees outside. I took a bottle of water, the newspaper, gloves, a knit cap, and some kleenex to wipe a possible runny nose. When I arrived, there was no line outside the church where I vote. I went in the door marked “Vote Here” and all I saw were the smiling and friendly poll workers. I asked: “Where are all the people?” I was told that they were in the sanctuary and to go in there.

All the voters were seated in comfortable, padded seats in the warm sanctuary. The officials pointed me to the row where I was to sit and wait. I went with my next-door neighbor who had her i-pad. I played a game while the workers called a row at a time. Before I knew it our row was called. We walked out to the table where we were asked for our voter registration card -No photo I.D. We waited in a line for about five minutes until a voting machine freed up. Another five minutes to cast my vote, and we were out of there. 50 minutes total!

I must say that, while I was in a church sanctuary, I took advantage of that to call upon a higher power. I asked that God allow the candidate that most closely resembles his son Jesus to win the election. We all know who that is. But, alas, I live in the reddest state in the union so I know who will win my state. I almost didn’t vote for that reason, but I had to exercise my right to make my voice heard. If you don’t vote you can’t bitch, and you know how I like to bitch about that “other party”.

I didn’t see any evidence of voter suppression groups hanging around. The whole experience was smooth, pleasant and quick. Now my only concern is whether my vote will be properly counted by that infernal electronic voting machine. There is no paper trail, so I will never know.

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