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SA’s Closing Statement Before the Election

November 3, 2012

Every four years (or maybe two) I feel like my head is going to explode from the insane republican lies and stupidity. While I applaud the theory of American democracy, the two-party system leaves much to be desired. Ideally there would be more parties or no parties at all. But as long as you insist on having two major parties, why is the republican party even allowed to exist? On my home planet, beings as stupid and corrupt as your republicans would be raised as feed stock. One would expect politicians to stretch the truth to an extent, but practically every word from republican politicians is either an outright lie or is founded on some wacky right-wing belief that has no basis in fact. Their modus operandi is that if they repeat their lies enough times, they start to sound like the truth.

That seems to work quite well because their constituents gobble it up as truth and regurgitate it, as such, every chance they get. Because republicans are the party of the rich, and because of the disastrous Citizens United decision, they are able to afford the largest and loudest megaphone and are therefore able to drown out any truth put forth by the Democrats. Republicans are like the loudmouth drunks at a keg party. It doesn’t matter that they don’t know what they’re talking about, they just know that if they keep talking loud enough, no one else can get a word in edgewise.

You don’t need a PHD to be an intelligent voter. You only need to pay attention and seek out the real truth – not the lies of Romney, Ryan, Limbaugh, Palin, Bachmann, etc., etc. America is doomed as long as half of the electorate votes as if they only have a second-grade education. And, speaking of second-graders, what Romney and his superpacs have taught our children is that, when you have nothing else going for you, lie your ass off and you will go far in life. His entire campaign has been shameful, but republicans have no shame.

Well, the campaigning is coming to an end (hallelujah) and Tuesday night we may know the outcome. If Romney wins and/or the senate falls to the republicans we will know that this old adage is true: Lies can travel around the world while truth is still tying its shoes. I’m tired of trying to educate the ineducable, enlighten the dimwits, and unbeguile the gullible. So here is my brief closing statement:

Given what President Obama was handed when he took office and all that has happened in the world since, it is a miracle that the economy is rebounding as well as it is. We are clearly on the mend from the Great Recession that was caused by republican policies that Romney wants to reinstate – the results of which have plagued us for the last five years. Changing course now would be a huge mistake. Obama has been steadfast, honest and empathetic. His policies are working despite the bitter opposition from the right wing. He deserves a second term and we need to give it to him. If you are a multimillionaire, vote for Romney. He will make you even wealthier to the detriment of everyone else. However, if you are in the 47% or the 99% of average Americans, Obama cares about you while Romney couldn’t care less. Voting for Romney would be like shooting yourself in the head. Romney will decimate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Food Stamps. If you’re a single-issue voter and your issue is abortion, remember that Romney was adamantly pro-choice just five years ago. If your issue is the national debt, remember that Romney sheltered his wealth offshore to avoid paying taxes that could have gone toward paying off the debt. If your issue is the economy, Romney says he has a plan but won’t tell us what it is. Ditto if your issue is taxes. We’re just supposed to trust him. If your issue is jobs, all Romney knows about that is how to ship them overseas. If your issue is national security or foreign affairs, the third debate should have made it clear that Obama is the one to trust while Romney hasn’t a clue. And finally, if you’re voting for “anyone other than Obama” because he’s black, then screw you. You’re a hopeless, racist, anti-American asshole.

So there!

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