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Hurricane Sandy Targeted Blue States

October 30, 2012

Looking at the political map from 2008, I noticed that many of the states that went for Obama are the same ones affected by Hurricane Sandy. She came out of the Caribbean and threw wind and rain on Florida. Then she skirted the East Coast of North Carolina and Virginia with high winds and storm surges. Then she slammed into the Northeast at New Jersey causing severe flooding and widespread power outages throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. If that wasn’t enough, she teamed up with an arctic cold front to dump record early snowfall all along the Appalachian mountain range.

I counted 27 blue states and 21 red states (of the contiguous 48) in the 2008 election. Out of the 27 blue ones, 16 of them have been affected by Sandy. At this writing, 7.5 million people have lost power, and it may not be restored completely until after the election on November 6th. Without power, electronic voting machines won’t work. Everyone affected in these blue states will be more concerned with their own recovery than with exercising their right to vote. All of this could be devastating for President Obama and a Godsend for Twit Romney.

As an aside, approximately 5 of the blue western states were victim to historic wildfires during the summer. Another 3 or 4 of the midwestern blues were pummeled by tornadoes and seared by extreme drought. Republicans will probably say that all of this devastation is evidence that God wants Obama to lose the election. They might be right because they pride themselves on knowing what goes on in the mind of God.

The latest polls taken before Sandy hit showed that Obama and Romney were tied. Any small thing could tip the results one way or the other and Sandy is no small thing. Voter turnout among Democrats was already the key to an Obama victory. Now, there will be millions of Democrats who won’t even be able to get to their precinct to cast their votes. This election should be postponed until all voters are able to make their choices known.

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