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SA’s Post Debate Poll

October 10, 2012

All of the major polls taken since the first presidential debate are showing that Mitt Romney got a bump from his performance and is now leading Obama. I watched every minute of the debate and I can’t figure out what these other people were watching. I conducted my own poll and found that 53% of Americans are idiots. All Romney did during the debate was perpetuate and recycle the same tired lies he’s been spouting throughout his entire campaign. My survey shows that all you have to do to get a bump in the polls is to lie through your teeth forcefully and have your opponent back down.

Romney gave the President tons of red meat that he could rip into, yet he let it all go by. Mitt repeatedly vowed that he would not put in place any tax cut that would increase the deficit – when the truth is that his plan would cost the country $4.8 trillion over the next ten years. He claimed that half of the businesses that got clean energy grants from the government failed. The real figure is 1.4%. For me, the biggest lie concerns the Romney/Ryan plan to privatize Medicare and turn it into a voucher program. Everyone who’s been paying attention knows that, yet Romney keeps saying “My plan will keep Medicare as it is for current retirees and those nearing retirement.” That may be true for the time it takes to implement his plan but, after that, anyone currently 55 years old or younger will be forced to pay thousands more each year for private insurance. No one ever seems to grasp this and call him out on it – including Obama.

By all accounts (including mine), Obama’s debate performance was abysmal. It seemed that he would rather have been anywhere but on that stage in Denver. Maybe it was because that was his and Michelle’s anniversary. Maybe it was because he went too quickly from sea level to Denver’s mountainous altitude. I have a couple of other theories. It’s possible that the president has been so beaten down by the vicious republican opposition in Congress that he no longer cares whether he has a second term or not. He doesn’t show that on the stump, so my other theory is that Obama is such a nice guy that he doesn’t feel comfortable ripping into another human being face-to-face the way Romney and the republicans rip into him.

I’m sure that we will see a different, revitalized Obama in the next debate. He will have to show some backbone and call Romney out on his lies if he stands a chance of getting re-elected. Presidential debates are like the Roman gladiator contests. The winner is the one who draws the most blood from his opponent. Obama has truth and honor on his side, but the undecided voters don’t care about any of that. They want to see blood and Obama had better splatter Romney’s entrails all over the stage next time. He can do it, and if he does, the next debate will be worth watching and victory will belong to the President.

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