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I Love Michelle

September 5, 2012

The First Lady knocked it out of the park last night. She was sweet, beautiful, kind, eloquent and, most of all, real. There were a lot of excellent speakers before her (especially Duvall Patrick – Romney’s successor as governor of Massachusetts), but Michelle brought the house down at the end of the night. There was hardly a dry eye in the audience when she was done. Michelle said that she loves her husband more now than she did four years ago and now I feel the same way about her.

I don’t want to put Ann Romney down. She can’t help it that she picked a robotic flip-flopper for a husband. But her speech paled in comparison to Michelle’s. Ann didn’t have a lot of substance to work with and, because she’s led a sheltered and privileged life, you can’t expect her to be an eloquent speaker on such a dry subject. That said, she ruined her whole speech with that one tactless, pandering comment: “I love you women!” – like that is going to make women voters like her husband any better.

I realized something when Michelle was talking about how she sees Barack behind the scenes. She said: “…even in the toughest moments, when we’re all sweating it – when we’re worried that the bill won’t pass, and it seems like all is lost – Barack never lets himself get distracted by the chatter and the noise. He reminds me that we are playing a long game here and that change is hard, and change is slow, and it never happens all at once. But eventually we get there, we always do.” I realized that our president remains undaunted in the face of vicious republican obstructionism because he is a kind, gentle, hard-working optimist who keeps his nose to the grindstone and his eyes on the prize. He is uncomfortable blowing his own horn and that’s why this convention is a good thing. Other people can sing his deserved praises for him.

The tone of the first night of the DNC was so vastly different from that of the entire RNC last week. The two conventions underscore the difference in philosophy between the two parties. The republicans are all about money, success, party and exclusion. The Democrats are about people and the way to a brighter future for all of them. Unlike the RNC, there were no lies last night – only justified attacks on Romney’s record and intentions. But Michelle stayed above the fray and demonstrated that we are truly fortunate to have her and her husband in the White House.

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