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Paul Ryan Wades Into the Gator Swamp Using His Mother As a Shield

August 18, 2012

Today, republican VP pick Paul Ryan campaigned at a gated retirement community in Florida – the state with the highest concentration of voters over 65 in the country. Knowing that his plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system would fly here like the spruce goose, he dragged his 78-year-old mother Betty with him to deflect some of the tomatoes. Betty Ryan Douglas is well-off and could get along without Social Security and Medicare, but she’s entitled to it.

If you can believe Romney and Ryan when they say that their overhaul of Medicare won’t affect current retirees or anyone currently over 55, then today’s audience has nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. Most of the present retirees have children and grandchildren who are currently under 55. The Romney/Ryan plan will throw them under the bus. The ones who are 54 now have paid into the system for over 30 years but will never see the benefits they were promised. That’s not going to sit well at all with the white-haired audience that Ryan attempted to hoodwink today or the rest of the 50-million retirees across the country.

Romney is airing another misleading ad, this time accusing Obama of stealing $716-billion from the Medicare trust fund to pay for “Obamacare”. Medicare chief actuary Richard Foster’s analysis says that The Affordable Care Act would improve key Medicare benefits, solve the “doughnut hole” gap in coverage for seniors, expand health insurance to millions more people, reduce the federal budget deficit and extend the solvency of Medicare by up to 12 years.

Ryan’s proposal in Congress would encourage future retirees to consider private coverage that the government would help pay for through a voucher-like system, while keeping the traditional program as an option. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Medicare over time would spend thousands less per senior under the Ryan plan because it would shift heavy costs to individual retirees. Most of these folks are struggling to get by as it is. Under the Romney/Ryan plan, only the wealthy seniors will have access to proper medical care. The rest will have to die younger, but then that’s how they plan to lower Medicare payouts. I hope Ryan’s mother is proud of her son.

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