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Romney Is On the Ropes

July 18, 2012

It’s no surprise that Mitt Romney is already on the ropes and soon to be down for the count. He blames the Obama campaign, but he really has no one to blame but himself for the position he’s in. While it’s not illegal to shelter his millions in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, it should be. The fact is that Romney has legally avoided paying U.S. income taxes, so that’s not why he refuses to release his tax returns. If there weren’t far more illegal manipulations on his tax forms, he would release them.

We already know that he lied about his experience at Bain Capital. He claimed that running the vulture capital firm qualifies him to be president because he knows how to create jobs. Then it came out that he was a pioneer in outsourcing jobs to other countries. He claims he wasn’t involved in Bain during the years most of the outsourcing was done, but his filings with the SEC show that he lied about that too.

So, here we have a greedy multi-millionaire who exported jobs overseas, lied about it, evaded paying taxes on his millions, refused to reveal how much money he has and how little tax he paid on it, hails his nefarious tenure at Bain Capital as his only qualification for being elected president, says he knows how to fix the economy but offers no plan to do so, and is disliked by all Democrats and many republicans.

He is a wealthy man with no idea how normal Americans live. He has all the charisma, intelligence and communication skills of a Roomba. His only message on the stump is one of lies and hate. If it weren’t for the racist hatred that the extreme republican Klansmen have toward President Obama, Romney would have no support at all. Obama has used Romney’s own dishonesty to pummel him and bloody his nose, but the punch-drunk Romney is so arrogant that he will continue swinging at the air until the voters deliver the final knock out blow in November.

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  1. July 18, 2012 10:08 PM

    I think we should move out of the country now.

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