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Separation of Church and State

May 5, 2012

America was founded on Godly principles. Our money says: “In God We Trust”. Our Pledge of allegiance says: “One nation under God…” If we turn against God, we’ll be in big trouble. We should praise God by praying aloud anywhere we want, including public schools. We should make sure that God is included in all facets of American life – public and private. Our children should be taught creation in schools rather than evolution.

Whose God? America was founded on the principle of religious freedom. Grounded on that tenet, we have grown into a nation of all religions. Christianity is not the only religion and your god is not the only deity that is worshipped as such.

You have the right to have a spiritual relationship with your god in your personal life and in your place of worship. You do not have the right to force your god and your religious beliefs on other people. The words “under God” didn’t appear in our pledge until the 1950’s when Isenhour overstepped his bounds and stuck them in.

Every religion has a “creation” story. If we teach the Old Testament version of creation in PUBLIC schools, then we should also teach the others. What about the Apache story? They are NATIVE Americans so, if any story is taught, maybe it should be theirs. Science has shown again and again that if there is a god who created the universe, then that god’s method of creation was evolution – not some myth used to explain it. If you don’t believe in evolution, you reject your creator’s method.

By all means, worship your god and live a godly life. Just keep your beliefs within your heart and your particular religious arena. Keep it out of the public square where people of all faiths and ethnicities interact. Have a personal relationship with your god but don’t force it on others who don’t believe as you do. Keeping the Judeo/Christian god out of public schools and government is not “turning against God”, it is respecting everyone’s god. Just like you, everyone believes that their god is the only god.

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