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Dick Cheney Has a Heart?

March 28, 2012

After 71 years as a heartless bastard, Dick Cheney finally got a heart last week. He managed to worm his way to the top of the transplant list despite his advanced years. He was born with a heart, but it couldn’t survive inside his wicked shell. One has to wonder who the donor was. Was he another evil republican whose heart won’t compel Cheney to change his ways? I’m hoping that he was a humane, peace-loving Democrat and Cheney will undergo a complete metamorphosis. Imagine if Cheney got Mahatma Gandhi’s heart and suddenly began to live a positive and productive life for a change.

I also wonder if the surviving family members of the donor knew that their loved one’s heart was going to such an undeserving recipient. If not, they should be allowed to recall the organ. If I were the donor, I’d be rolling in my grave with steam coming out of my ears.

Is the heart where the soul resides? Has there ever been a republican with a heart before? Will Dick live to be 100 or will his new heart reject HIM once it realizes who its new owner is? We’ll just have to watch and see what Cheney does or doesn’t become now that he finally has a heart.

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  1. April 4, 2012 12:41 AM

    Very funny.

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