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Anything’s Possible In Republican Race

January 25, 2012

I have refrained from commenting very much on the republican primary races. Following these races is a lot like shooting skeet. When you yell, “Pull!” the clay pigeon quickly rises to its zenith. You fire your shotgun but miss every time because, before the ammunition reaches that zenith, the pigeon has plummeted to the ground. So I decided to sit back and watch as these republican pigeons destroy themselves and each other.

We’re now down to four contenders, three of which have each won one state. It goes without saying that I wouldn’t give two cents for any of them, but even the republican voters have to hold their noses when casting their votes. Romney is too rich and floppy, Gingrich is a Washington insider with a sinful past, Santorum is too evangelical and inexperienced, and Paul is too old and too libertarian. My biggest problem with Ron Paul is that he sired that repulsive, tea-bagging S.O.B. – Rand Paul – the former Golden Prick Award recipient who sits in the House of Representatives and is eyeing a run for the presidency in 2016.

I don’t see any of these contenders dropping out before the Florida primary, but I predict that, soon thereafter, it will be down to Romney and Gingrich UNLESS the worst of all possible scenarios comes to pass. Remember Sarah Palin? I haven’t forgotten how she drove her campaign bus into Iowa just before the straw poll like Wonder Woman swooping in to save the day. Since then, we haven’t heard anything from her and that scares me. I’m afraid she may be waiting for the other contenders to eviscerate each other so she can soar down from her perch, feed off their entrails and become the nominee. Republican voters are crazy enough to, once again, embrace her with open arms.

The other possible and frightening scenario is that Jeb Bush will get into the race. I thought it was now illegal for anyone named “Bush” to ever hold public office again. If not, it should be after that last fiasco. The fact that anything can happen in the “Land of No” means that, in the general election, any of the above-mentioned reprobates could end up within a few votes of holding the reigns of power. If that doesn’t scare you, then you have no fear.

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  1. January 26, 2012 1:14 AM

    Oh don’t worry I am scared. Very very scared.

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