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An Alien’s Perspective – Stop Electing the 1%

January 5, 2012

I do my best thinking on the throne. My first thought is always that human toilets are too big… I keep falling in. Once I’m properly situated, though, my mind wanders to all the things that are wrong with this human society. Today’s session had to do with how corrupt and convoluted America’s political process is.

Money truly is the root of all evil, so why is it that you humans continue to elect the wealthiest among you to the highest offices in the land? Very few rich people got that way by virtuous means. In order to obtain wealth, they had to check their virtuosity at the door because, once inside, they are required to do whatever it takes to coax money out of others in order to fatten the bottom line. If that involves lying, cheating and even stealing or killing, then so be it. Remember Enron. Think of the big banks and the crooks on Wall Street that brought us to the brink of economic collapse. What makes you think that fat cats like Donald Trump, Herman Cain or Mitt Romney deserve to sit in the White House?

Just because someone amassed great wealth by nefarious means doesn’t make them more capable of leading the country in the right direction than, say, an artist, a teacher, a fireman, or a community organizer. The latter would be the more pragmatic choice. I would much rather see someone from the other 99% take the reigns of power: someone who knows how to make ends meet with a meager income; someone who is less likely to be corrupted by corporate interests and lobbyists; someone who hasn’t jettisoned their virtue in exchange for big bucks; someone who knows what it’s like to struggle in order to survive; someone more like me.

Unfortunately, our government that is supposedly of, for and by the people is, in reality, NOT. The founding fathers set it up so that anyone wanting to run for office, or even vote, had to be a free, white, landowning male. Today, in order to run for a senate seat, one must put up a $10,000 filing fee. That excludes most of us who are at the bottom of the economic food chain. This is so wrong!!! Until we get big money out of government we will never have a truly representative democracy. We will continue to have this corrupt, capitalistic autocracy where only the wealthiest 1% can hold office. If you’re in the other 99% and you think the status quo is just fine, you need to go sit on the throne and think about it long and hard.

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