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Celebrating With Gunfire

October 20, 2011

Colonel Moamar Ghadafi was killed today and that’s a good thing. I only have two questions. First, if he was the supreme leader of Libya, why was he just a lowly colonel when he could have made himself a general? Secondly, why do these idiots always celebrate by firing guns into the air?

In the first place, bullets are expensive. In the second place, any projectile fired into the air will eventually fall back to the earth somewhere. If you fired a cannon into the air, the ball would land somewhere with possibly catastrophic results. With all those rifles firing upward, chances are very good that some bullets are going to land on people, animals, cars or maybe an oil storage tank at about 200 miles per hour with equally catastrophic results. Maybe the Chinese should send these arab countries a foreign aid package consisting of some powerful fireworks with which to do their celebrating. That would be a lot safer.

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  1. October 25, 2011 3:51 PM

    I always wonder the same thing. Seems extremely stupid to me. How can you win a war if you are that stupid?

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