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Man vs. Mouse – Part 2

October 15, 2011

Last winter I wrote a post about the electronic mousetrap I built. I said then that I was working on a non-electric version and that I would update you on how it worked the next time I had a mouse to catch. Well, the other night as I was watching TV, I saw a gray object streak across the den at the speed of light and right past my snoozing pooch. It hid behind the TV stand and didn’t come out.  I thought it was early in the season for a mouse in the house, but what else could it have been? This is a good chance to try out my non-electric mousetrap, I said to myself. I got it out and slathered some peanut butter on the back of the ramp, placed it on the floor near the TV stand, opened the door and left it overnight. The next day the door was closed and the mouse was trapped inside. Since I made this trap out of old plexiglass, I could put it up on a table and watch little “Mickey” for a while until I decided what to do with him. He had eaten most of the peanut butter and pooped an unbelievable amount.

This time, I didn’t want to kill the cute little guy, so I decided to put him out in the woods where, hopefully, he would become snakefood and nature would be taking its course. If he comes back for more peanut butter, I won’t be as merciful next time.

Like the electronic version, this trap depends on the mouse teetering a ramp as he enters and progresses toward the food at the other end. As he crosses the middle of the ramp, his weight causes the front of the ramp to rise which starts the door to close. The counterweight (made of a bracket with flat washers screwed to it) takes over and closes the door the rest of the way. There are two magnets in the door and two in the case that form a magnetic latch. The magnets and the counterweight are enough to keep the mouse from opening the door and escaping. It took a lot of engineering to make it work properly but, in the end, it works very simply and effectively. Once again man has outsmarted mouse.

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  1. October 18, 2011 11:29 PM

    You did good. That is very impressive. Isn’t the mousy so cute?! 🙂

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