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Leaders of the Pack

September 26, 2011

Is that the best you can do? A moron and a mormon? In this case, the only difference is the extra “m”. If you plan on knocking out Obama, you’ll have to do better than this! With Perry and Romney considered the cream of the crop, what does that say about the rest of the republican hopefuls? I’ve never seen a more pathetic bunch of losers in a republican lineup. And what does it say for the republican electorate that Rick Perry is a frontrunner? It tells me that their collective IQ’s wouldn’t deem them mentally fit to stand trial.

Looking down the roster, you might as well put Charles Manson up as a candidate. He would have a better chance than these buffoons because of his name recognition and his far out ideology. Like Manson, all contenders for the 2012 republican nomination are morons, psychopaths, criminals, megalomaniacs, demons and/or lunatics. But what else can you expect when the party continues to look to the extremist fringe for their savior? As goofy as Donald Trump is, at least he had the good sense to bow out early. Why is Newt Gingrich still hanging around? I guess it’s because he doesn’t have good sense. I think they keep Herman Cain around because he brings the pizza. And Michele Bachmann? Give me a break! That hormonal, evangelical whackodoodle has been a totally ineffective congresswoman, and doesn’t possess any traits that would even make her an inadequate president.

However, at the bottom of the heap (according to polls), is one candidate who might be able to deliver; one man who is not an ideological attack dog… Jon Huntsman. He’s also a mormon, but not a moron. He would appeal to many independents and conservative Democrats.  Huntsman is a pragmatic problem-solver and a tax-cutting, pro-business republican. He began his career as a staffer in the Reagan White House. He served two terms as governor of Utah. He was the U.S. ambassador to China under President Obama. He was an Asia expert in George H.W. Bush’s Commerce Department and served as ambassador to Singapore. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and also knows a Taiwanese dialect and Cantonese. No other candidate possesses such presidential qualifications. Republicans don’t consider him viable, however, because he’s a moderate. There is no room in the republican party anymore for a candidate that is not an extreme nutjob. Too bad!

No matter what you think about President Obama, he is head and shoulders above every candidate the republicans are putting up – except maybe Jon Huntsman. But if either of these two men don’t do it for you, remember that The Stranded Alien is still a viable 3rd-party candidate.

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  1. Chuck permalink
    September 28, 2011 10:54 AM

    Old Slewfoot will be wearing snowshoes before the Republitards vote for Cain (not lily white) or Bachman (not male). As for Huntsman, he’s too sane for them. What frightens the doodleysquat out of me is that they WILL vote in droves for any of the others.

  2. October 1, 2011 8:28 PM

    Hey thanks for those interesting facts about Huntsman, I didn’t know all of that. He would be my pick by far.

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