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Republicans Are Criminals

August 3, 2011

I spend a lot of time ragging on republicans for one reason… THEY DESERVE IT!!! It boggles this alien’s mind how they get away with all their high crimes and misdemeanors. I suppose the answer is that you let them. What’s even more incredible is that half of Americans are so brain-dead that they don’t see how these criminals are destroying the country, even though it is being done in plain sight. The clueless voters eat up the right-wing hate-speech that masquerades for “truth” and then line up like automatons to vote for these felons again and again.

The events of this past week should have been enough to show even the most conservative voters how little these criminals care about the average American. If the debt ceiling fiasco didn’t do it, the refusal of House Republicans to reauthorize the FAA should. While they were obsessing over how to cram the budget-slashing, job-killing debt ceiling bill down our throats, they completely and purposefully ignored the fact that funding for the FAA (the department that ensures airline safety) had been allowed to lapse two weeks ago. They refused to vote to reauthorize the FAA without the inclusion of a union-busting provision that would make it harder for workers at airlines and railways to organize. No matter how you feel about unions, they exist to protect workers and republicans want to eliminate any such protection wherever it lives.

Congressional republicans went home for a vacation while leaving over 100-thousand workers twisting in the wind. In their attempt to bust the airline and railroad unions AND eliminate funding for rural air service, four thousand airline employees have been furloughed, FAA regulators are working without pay, seventy thousand construction workers are unable to work on airport projects, and workers in all related service and supply companies have lost their incomes.  In addition, they are preventing the government from collecting badly-needed revenue in the form of airplane ticket taxes that amount to $30-million per day. All this should tell you very clearly that republicans don’t care about jobs or the plight of workers.

Due to all the damage republicans have done recently, the recovery is in peril, unemployment is up, consumer confidence has ebbed, and the stock market has taken a nose dive. The Dow Jones is seeing its longest losing streak in more than three decades. It’s not fair to blame Congress in general for the current disaster. The blame lies squarely and unquestionably on the republican criminals that have invaded Congress and destroyed the American way of life. The only good news is that Congressional republicans have left Washington for the month of August. This would be a good time to bar the door to the republican chamber of the Capitol building and, when they return, arrest them on the spot. Political correctness be damned! They belong in prison for what they’ve done… or worse.

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