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Tea Party Wins – America Loses

August 1, 2011

It’s a sad day for what’s left of America. There is supposedly a deal on the debt ceiling fiasco, but it has yet to be voted on. The only winners in this deal are the radical, extremist tea-party fringe element of the republican party. All the Democrats including the President have caved on everything near and dear to the majority of Americans in order to get the debt ceiling raised before the country goes into default. Did anyone else notice that, as the party leaders left the final meeting Sunday night, only the republicans were smiling? Even Mitch McConnell, who rarely smiles, was doing so while flashing a hearty thumbs-up. This is a clear signal that we are screwed. There will be NO increased revenue from the filthy-rich, there will be $3-trillion in spending cuts over the next decade, and the resulting bill will be a job-killer. The republicans, in general, are claiming victory while the tea-party faction still thinks they didn’t get enough.

It would have been better if Obama and Reid had called the republicans’ bluff. They could have said, “Okay, we’re not going to negotiate with terrorists and hostage-takers. If you want to wreck the economy, go ahead. But, if you do, you will be accepting all the blame and you will pay for it at the ballot box for years to come.” Republicans felt secure in the probability that Democrats lack the backbone for such a confrontation, and they were correct. If such a confrontation had occurred, republicans may have backed down, the debt ceiling would have been raised and the voters might have realized the truth about the wrongful right.

Tomorrow, August 2, is the deadline for raising the debt ceiling. There is no assurance that the latest deal will pass when subjected to a floor vote in both houses of Congress. Even if the debt ceiling is raised, we are still in deep do-do. The economy is in peril, Congress is at loggerheads, millions of Americans can’t find work, and municipalities are starting to file for bankruptcy. It just seems that we are in the end times. Every great civilization in history eventually fell and there’s no guarantee that America is not going to fall in the near future. The greed, corruption and avarice in politics and capitalism will be her undoing. We are at a tipping point right now. Will we let the right-wing extremists drive the final stake into the heart of America, or will we send them packing and get down to the business of reinventing the American dream?

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  1. Chuck permalink
    August 1, 2011 4:34 PM

    I knew we’d been sold down the river when I saw a photo of that f***er Mitch McConnell (Jesse Helms reincarnated) smiling and giving the thumbs up. Obama caved. Can’t believe I’m embracing the idea of a third party, but it may be time for Americans Elect.

    • August 1, 2011 5:06 PM

      Thanks again, Chuck. You always come through. I heard about AmericansElect last week but didn’t recall the URL. There’s another organization I want everyone to become aware of. It’s called the American Dream Movement. It’s like a tea-party movement for those of us on the left. You can read about it and listen at The link to the organization itself is
      Historically, third parties only serve to peel votes away from the Democratic Party and that only strengthens republicans. If there is not a huge groundswell of support for these third parties, I’m going to keep my vote where it will do the most good.

      • Chuck permalink
        August 2, 2011 8:03 PM

        I’m familiar with the American Dream Movement and am following it closely as I’m not anywhere near 100% sold on the 3rd party movement for the exact reason you cite. I’m just so disappointed that the Democrats blinked. Just kinda at wits’ end but not ready to give up and see what happens.

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