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A Dog Named Faith

August 1, 2011

This amazing dog is the spitting image of my dog, Pepper. Fortunately, Pepper has four legs. Faith, on the other hand, was born around Christmas of 2002 with only three legs – two healthy hind legs and one abnormal front leg which had to be amputated. Of course, she couldn’t walk when she was born. Even her mother did not want her and tried to smother her. On January 21, 2003 Reuben Stingfellow  rescued Faith from the litter. She  was weak, small, runtish, and nearly dead. Reuben’s mother, Jude Stringfellow was determined to teach this dog to walk. After six months of intensive training, Faith learned to balance on her two hind legs and jumped to move forward. With further training, she can now walk like a human being. The following video shows how this miraculous canine overcame her disabilities and went on to inspire millions of people.


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