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We Had Ways of Dealing With Evil

July 14, 2011

Senator Mitch McConnell, aka “Mr. Gridlock” (R-Ky), is a former Prick Award winner and giving him another one seems redundant and too insignificant. His crimes against the state, President Obama and the American people are nothing short of pure evil. If this were the year 1692, he would be branded a witch (or warlock) and burned at the stake. Those were the good ol’ days.  But this is 2011. We can’t burn him alive. We can’t drive a stake through his heart as he sleeps in his coffin. We can’t shoot him in the head with a silver bullet… or could we? There’s something seriously wrong with this man. He has no soul and he’s being eaten alive by extreme hate which spews forth onto all of us. If a psychiatrist examined him, he’d be placed in solitary confinement in a padded cell and secured in a straight jacket so he could do no more harm. That’s how we handle kooks like him nowadays.

In 2008 he was up for re-election in a tight race with Democrat Bruce Lunsford. McConnell’s close ties to George w. Bush should have sent him down in flames, but his mindless constituents came through for him in the end. So, for the last three years, we all have had to endure this demon in his fifth, but hopefully last, term. If a bad apple could simply be voted out of office, McConnell should have been gone long ago, but here he is… trying to drive us all off of a cliff. One way or another, he needs to go.

Why does he hate President Obama so vehemently? He hates him partly because he hates all Democrats, but his vehemence comes from the fact that Obama is black. It’s as simple as that. McConnell comes from the old school along with racist classmates like Strom Thurmond, George Wallace, Jesse Helms and Trent Lott. The bigger question is, why is he willing to send the country into default, put millions more Americans out of work, and risk another great depression to further his vendetta against our African-American President? It just shows that the man is truly unbalanced and has no business being a senator. His “my way or no way” demeanor has no place in our [supposed] democracy where compromise is the key to getting things done.

There is a little “McConnell” in all of us but it seems to be a dominant genetic trait that runs through most republicans. This is why they are so despised by those of us on the left. They are analogous to the bullies on the playground, or the kids who torture innocent animals without conscience. I wonder if anyone has held a mirror up to Senator McConnell to see if he casts a reflection, or held a cross in front of him to see if he bursts into flames. Short of that and dousing him with holy water, it seems we are stuck with an obstructionist party, led by the prince of darkness, that is hell-bent on the ruination of America in general and President Obama in particular. Has anybody got a match?

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  1. July 16, 2011 8:04 PM

    Hip Hip Hooray!

  2. Chuck permalink
    July 19, 2011 10:09 AM

    Kentucky, the home of Mitch McConnell and that braniac Rand Paul. Moooooooooooove over, West Virginia.

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