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The Right Is Just Plain Wrong!!!

June 28, 2011

Let’s imagine for a moment the nightmare scenario if the republicans get their way and abolish the government and, with it, all its regulations, social programs and taxes. What would America look like? To boil it down to just a few words, think of it as “survival of the FATTEST”. Anyone unable to play the new game, or unwilling to rip the life out of their fellow human being would soon become dinner for the rest. There would be no protection for the poor, the sick, or the elderly. The weak would be cut from the herd and gobbled up. The survivors would be the thugs in the streets – those on Wall Street and those in the back alleys.

If you think the financial sector was corrupt before, now it would be like the Wild West on Wall Street. Imagine unregulated capitalism and unfettered greed. Big businesses wouldn’t pay any taxes, wouldn’t answer to anyone, and wouldn’t waste their time on any venture that doesn’t guarantee obscene profits or serve their nefarious purposes. They would replace the current government and they would set the rules. They would control the military from their boardrooms. Without regulations, the air and water would become more and more polluted, global warming would increase exponentially, the food supply would be contaminated, there would be no incentive to develop clean energy. Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) would be the universal slogan. You wouldn’t be able to wipe your ass without first swiping your credit card for which you will pay 50%+ interest. Only the wealthiest would have access to education, transportation and healthcare because only they could afford it. The fat cats would own all the doctors and medical equipment. Why waste the money treating poor people? The capitalists want to wipe them out anyway.

And if you think street crime was a problem before, think of the Mad Max movies and “Escape From New York”. There would be no criminal justice system because there would be no taxes to support it. Guns, drugs, prostitution, rape, theft, and murder would be ubiquitous. Hunger would be pervasive. The overlords of the back-alley shadow world would replace the small-business people and the entrepreneurs. There would be no law-abiding middle class because the criminal class would simply kill them and take what little the fat cats left them with. The mission of the corporate-controlled military would be to make sure the denizens of the shadow world stay in the back alleys and away from the fat cats’ mansions.

Ironically, the republican politicians who are fighting so hard to create this nightmare nation would no longer have their cushy jobs with all the perks, and they would have to actually work for a living. If they can’t out-crook the master crooks of Wall Street, they may find themselves living in the shadow world as an overlord, or as some other overlord’s bitch… or not living at all. This new society, based on greed and profit above all, cannot stand for long. It will eat itself alive from within and America will eventually cease to exist – as a country, as a society or as the role model for the rest of the world. Somalia will look like “the shining light on the hill” compared to what America will become if the wrongful right get their way. Should government expenses be controlled? Yes, within reason, but you can’t cut expenses AND revenues. Any idiot should realize that. You also can’t let capitalism run amok… it must be regulated. The current “Great Recession” made that painfully obvious. The republicans need to get out of the way and let the recovery commence.

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  1. June 28, 2011 3:16 PM

    Amen!..but will the left wake up before we pass the point of no return

    • June 28, 2011 8:04 PM

      Harry Reid cracked open his eyes and yawned today.

      He said, “Republicans are clueless about the economic devastation they are courting with brinksmanship over raising the nation’s debt limit.” He followed with a press release pointing to a list of influential business leaders and economists who warn that the U.S. government’s failure to pay its bills would spark a new financial catastrophe.

      “Failure to avert this crisis would have dire consequences,” Reid said. “It would result in the most serious financial crisis this country has ever faced. Millions of Americans could lose their jobs. Social Security checks could stop. So could paychecks to our troops.”

      Reid argued that the GOP was willing to risk those financial hardships in order to protect subsidies for the oil industry and tax breaks for corporate jets.

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