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If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

May 31, 2011

Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” But what if the entire planet is on fire? Where do you go to escape the heat? We are at that point now. Last summer was the hottest on record, and this spring is already breaking heat records. Summer is still 21 days away (officially), but the forecast for the southeast today is 97 degrees and the dew point is 70 (oppressively humid). I don’t know how people can work outdoors in this heat. I can hardly make it to the mailbox and back without breaking into a soppy sweat. I have a lot of repairs to do from the recent storms, but the thought of just getting to the lumber store, much less doing manual labor in the sweltering heat, overwhelms me. Therefore, I sit here in the air-conditioned house complaining about my discomfort. My mind drifts to floating in a swimming pool in the shade with an ice-cold drink… but that luxury is reserved for rich folks.

Air conditioning is quickly assuming the status of the most important invention of all time. Without it we would all be like roasted marshmallows. For us poor folks, A/C units are prohibitively expensive to buy and maintain, not to mention the ever-increasing cost to run them. They are working harder and harder to keep us barely comfortable. They are like the life-support system on a space ship… without them we would die. More and more old, poor and sick people ARE dying each successive summer from the heat. In fact, more people die from the heat each year than from ALL other weather phenomena combined!

What does the future hold? In the short-term, is this summer going to be hotter than last? God forbid! In the long-term, will we all bake to a crackly crunch with no escape? More than likely! There is no doubt in my mind that global warming/climate change is a reality. How long will it be before the irritating voices of the deniers fall silent in the face of the overwhelming evidence? They will probably still deny it as they burst into flames.

I definitely can’t stand the heat so, if I could only repair my space ship, I would be able to get out of this fiery kitchen you call “Earth”. Unfortunately, it’s too damned hot to work on it. I’m considering flipping my life around – sleeping during the heat of the day and working during the somewhat cooler, yet still humid, nighttime. I long for the day when I can get back to Uranus where a hot summer day is 70 degrees. Ahhhh.

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  1. June 5, 2011 6:13 PM

    This heat is making me crazy! I just can’t stand it. Then I feel bad for saying that and seeing people who have to work out in it. I know it is hotter than it used to be because my grandmother almost never ran her little window unit and I stayed at her house a lot. We bought a very expensive new central air unit a few years ago. Not too long ago it broke. There is no way it should have broken! so soon. If I don’t keep both ceiling fans running then the inside temperature gets ups to 79-80 degrees in the house. That is with the unit set for 77. Having gone from a teenage 100 pounds to an adult 140 77-79 is far too hot for me!!! It feels as if my brain has melted most of the time. Jeff thinks upper Utah looks good but I am thinking I might have to head for Alaska.

  2. A Secret Admirer permalink
    July 9, 2012 6:24 PM

    Horrible horrible horrible heat.
    Humidity is what gets me down. Makes me very miserable and I am I physical hell.
    I cant stand it!!!!

    I have always been a sun worshipper (‘love the beach) now can’t stand to even be outside.

    All I want is shade and to be inside in the AC.

    and that has its problems too. My bones ache and nasal passages get inflamed.

    I read that solar flares have made the sun much much hotter and more dangerous.
    I’m in the NY NEW ENGLAND AREA.

    Anybody else having trouble?

    It’s funny how some people aren’t bothered by it at all.

    My discomfort is in the extreme category. To me this summer is hell on earth. Only place not burning up is SanFrancisco Ca. Wish I lived there.


    My deep empathy To anyone else who is suffering. I would love to hear any solutions.

    • July 24, 2012 11:36 AM

      The fact that you’re suffering so much in New England says a lot about climate change. I’ve always lived in the Carolinas and, while it’s supposed to be hot in the summer, the triple digit temps over the last decade are not normal. The older I get the more unbearable summer gets. Is it a symptom of age or has it just gotten too damned hot? Moving to San Francisco is not the answer because it will eventually become too hot also.

      I have three solutions to the problem, all of which require a large monetary investment. 1] Have a summer home in northern Canada and a winter home in Florida. 2] Install two gigantic pipes between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. When it’s summer in the north, blow winter cold from the south and summer heat from the north. Reverse the process in the opposite season. 3] Straighten up the Earth’s axis (take out the 23.5-degree tilt) so that the sun is always pointed directly at the equator. People in the tropics wouldn’t like this but, those of us above 30-degrees latitude would experience perpetual spring or autumn conditions.

      • November 28, 2012 12:49 AM

        I like how your mind works, Alien!

        now its November
        getting chilly

        get me to a Southern Clime!

        • November 28, 2012 9:48 AM

          A wise friend of mine said: “You can always put on more clothes to keep warm in the winter, but you can’t take off enough clothes to get cool in the summer.”

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