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Alice In Underland

April 13, 2011

Let’s all join John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Michele Bachmann at the tea party in Underland. They say that If we all drink their Kool Aid we can live in the fantasy world of Underland where nothing is as it seems to be. At first, these characters in charge seemed to be a bunch of self-serving lunatics, but we don’t notice anymore because we drank their Kool Aid. We now know that they have our best interests at heart and will always do the right thing because they told us so.

We have begun to chant their slogan: “Stick it to the people” because we drank their Kool Aid. They assured us that “the people” to whom they want to “stick it” are not US because we reside in Underland now. No, “the people” are those other poor schmucks from the world above who tried to warn us that Underland is actually an evil place where riches are bestowed upon the wealthy and everyone else has been cast aside to starve to death. Those people were obviously wrong and therefore deserve to starve. They could have saved themselves if only they had drunk the Kool Aid.

We don’t miss the world of reality from whence we came because everything seems right and beautiful here in Underland. Greed is good. Wrong is right. Wealth is everything. Suffering is not allowed. Free will is a sin. Knowledge is suppressed. Independent thinking is cause for expulsion. We don’t have to worry about anything because we are told what to think, what to feel, and what to believe. All we have to do is drink the Kool Aid and feed each others’ egos.

I see that Sarah Palin just made an appearance here in Underland. I must get her autograph. Surely she has some Kool Aid to share with us.

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