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SA’s Prick of the Week – Dubya

November 13, 2010

Just when you thought a bookstore was a safe place to visit, there’s George Dubya Bush signing copies of his new book – “Decision Points”. His ghost writer probably committed suicide after trying to turn the mutterings of such an illiterate buffoon into something readable. The world has been a better place since Bush retreated into relative obscurity at his ranch in Crawford Texas. One would think that he’d be ashamed to show his face in public again after his abysmal tenure at the White House. But Bush has never demonstrated any shame or humility and, from what I hear, doesn’t do so in his book either. He should have called it “Disastrous Decisions – Apologies From America’s Worst President”, but this prick makes NO apologies and still doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He remains a clueless megalomaniac. So, Georgie, since you’re foisting your piece of comic fiction onto the people you screwed so badly to begin with, you’ll have to accept the Golden Prick Award. Don’t forget to share the honor with the morons who stood in line to get an autographed copy.

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  1. February 2, 2011 9:04 PM

    Haha real funny you’re supposed to be suggesting peace love compassion but all you do is slam on Republicans wow real alien like

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