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SA’s Prick of the Week – Mitch McConnell

November 6, 2010

Democrats are willing to work with republicans to find common ground and compromise to solve America’s problems, but this is a one-way street. Following Tuesday’s Democratic “shellacking”, Harry Reid (D-Nev) said “Republicans must take the responsibility to solve the problems of ordinary Americans. People expect us to work together.” President Obama invited congressional Republicans to post-election talks to work together on major issues, but Mitch McConnell RSVP’d with a blunt message: His party’s main goal is denying Obama re-election.

In a sign that combat and the 2012 elections, rather than compromise, will mark the next two years, this senate minority leader of the “party of NO” called for Senate votes to repeal or erode Obama’s signature health care law, to cut spending and to shrink government. I predict that he will become known as “Mr. Gridlock” because he’s made it clear he has no intention of compromising with Democrats on anything. He claims, “The people have spoken.” The problem is that he’s not listening. The people want progress not more gridlock in Congress.

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