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Obama’s Deal

November 6, 2010

As someone who doesn’t have health insurance, I watched the evolution of last year’s healthcare reform bill with interest. It started out with great promise for us poor folks who can’t afford medical care. By the time the disgusting process of political sausage-making was done, however, the stench in my nose made me want to puke. As much as I like President Obama, I felt like he was forced to sell us out to the special interests who ended up writing the legislation.

The prospect of affordable healthcare for all turned into a mandate that I buy insurance I  already couldn’t afford from an insurance industry that was allowed to raise its premiums 25% or more since the bill was signed. If I don’t, I’ll have to pay a fine that I also can’t afford. Maybe going to jail for not paying the fine would be the only way to get government-funded medical treatment. Of course I would lose the little that I do have, but I’d gain free housing and three squares a day. At the risk of sounding like a republican, I think congress needs to revise the healthcare legislation but, this time, keep the lobbyists out of it.

If you want to know more about how “Obamacare” came to be the 2700 page bill that it is, there’s a great Frontline documentary that shows how it was done. It’s called “Obama’s Deal” and you can catch the full show on PBS or an abbreviated version online at:

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