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The Head of the Snake

November 5, 2010

In Greek mythology, anyone who gazed directly upon the Medusa would be turned to stone. Our hero, Perseus was sent by King Polydectes to sever the head of the  medusa. Because her reflection was harmless, he was armed with a mirrored shield so he could see her without looking directly at her while he lopped her head off with his sword.

Where is Perseus when you need him? Sarah Palin not only consorts with snakes but is the head of the snake itself. Members of the tea party made the mistake of looking directly at her and were turned into mindless automatons eager to spew her venom throughout the land. She is ruthless in her quest for power and is a danger to all who seek truth, justice and freedom. Her minions spread her vicious and baseless lies with total disregard for the facts.

Someone needs to play the role of Perseus in this Greek tragedy. Someone must come along who can remove the head from the snake and restore common sense to the people. This poisonous, uninformed gorgon is a danger to our democracy, our constitution, and our very way of life. She is a destroyer of all that is good and righteous and must be stopped. Are you a mindless drone or a Perseus?

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  1. November 9, 2010 11:22 PM

    great graphics! I’m a Perseus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She states in the commercial for her TLC show that she would rather be outside in the nature than in a stuffy political office. Really, you could have fooled me.

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