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A Sad Day For America – Recovery Delayed

November 3, 2010

Regarding yesterday’s mid-term election, I understand and share the voters’ angst over the horrible economy and the out-of-control spending. What doesn’t make sense is to blame President Obama’s policies. The recession was caused by George Bush and his rubber-stamp republicans who refused to regulate the financial industry, started two unfunded wars, added four-trillion dollars to the debt and railroaded an unfunded  prescription drug program through congress that was a windfall for drug and insurance companies at taxpayers’ expense.

Obama inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression. For republicans to say that Obama’s stimulus package was a failure is ludicrous. When the private sector comes to a screeching halt, government must step in and spend unusually large amounts of money to shock the economy back to life. There’s no way to prove it, but had it not been for Obama’s stimulus, we would have been a lot worse off than we are. It hasn’t even been completely implemented yet and most economists says that the size of the stimulus was too small.

It takes time to turn around a devastated economy. The Great Depression lasted twelve years. Obama has only been in office 19 months. It’s not fair to label him a failed president when he’s just getting started. To expect instant gratification and miracles is nonsense. Yes, we’re all hurting, but we’ve got to be patient and trust our president to do what’s necessary to turn things around – even though it may add to the debt in the short-term.

 At a time when we need experienced leaders, electing a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears extremists to congress (just because they have an “R” beside their name, or because they were endorsed by Sarah Palin) in hopes that they are going to solve our problems is just downright stupid. Given a chance, Obama’s policies will eventually work and prosperity will return to America. What you did yesterday is make his job harder and delay the recovery.  Unfortunately the republicans you elected yesterday will try to take the credit for the recovery… and, sadly, you will give it to them.

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