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SA’s Prick of the Week – Rand Paul

October 30, 2010

Outside a senatorial debate in Kentucky, 23-year-old Lauren Valle was trying to get a picture with tea party favorite Rand Paul and her satirical sign when she was thrown to the ground by three men working for the Paul campaign. While she was pinned to the ground, one of the men intentionally stomped on her head.

The Paul campaign worker who stomped on Lauren’s head demanded that SHE apologize, saying “she instigated it!” Paul’s initial reaction to the videotaped assault was to say, “There was a crowd control problem.” Then finally when pressed to address the violence he issued a statement that read: “Whatever the perceived provocation, any level of aggression or violence is deplorable, and will not be tolerated by our campaign.”

Rand Paul has thus far refused to apologize directly to the victim or condemn his supporters who are literally blaming her and smearing her character in an attempt to distract attention from the violent attack. This mentally-and-morally-challenged wingnut deserves the Golden Prick Award. Please accept this commendation on behalf of your staff of violent thugs and your misguided supporters. You all  deserve it.

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