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Teenage Mutant Ninja Morons

October 25, 2010

Don’t get me wrong. I welcome everyone to visit my blog, so I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about some of the hits I get. It’s just that the source of the hits makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with people. WordPress has a great feature that shows me how many hits I get. If people use a search engine to find me, it tells me what terms they enter into that search engine. BY FAR,the most entered term has to do with labia piercing. The second most has to do with tattoos. I wrote a post on tattoos and self-mutilation a while back and somehow my blog shows up when people search on these subjects. To see that post go here:

Here are some of the search terms that show up (I’m going to use a * for the word “labia” so I don’t have to type it every time): * piercing(s), pierced *, * tattoo, tattooed *, outer * piercing, * pierced, biggest *,  and * piercing pictures.

Then there are the related terms: mourning dove tattoo, freakie teenagers face piercing tattoos, tattoos on eyelids, scrota, scrotum piercing, pierced tattooed couples, self mutilation scars, piercing scars, laser tattoo removal blisters, tatoo for tinagers [sic], theresia piercing brust [sic], piercing extremist, and guy tattos [sic] on their penises.

They must be disappointed when they realize that I’m dead set against all of it. Out of curiosity, I was Googling the subject and saw an article about piercing the uvula – the hangy-down thing at the back of your tongue. AAARGH!!! Would somebody please explain to me why people are so obsessed with torturing themselves and defacing their bodies like this? If each generation feels the need to out-freak the previous one, what could possibly be next?

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