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SA’s Prick of the Week – Jim DeMint

October 24, 2010

It’s hard to find a bigger prick than South Carolina’s republican senator Jim DeMint so he’s definitely in the running for Prick of the Year.

In response to NPR’s firing of news analyst Juan Williams for making insensitive comments about muslims, Jim Demented vowed to eliminate the $430-million federal funding for public broadcasting. NPR and PBS are the only fair-and-balanced sources for news in America, so naturally this Führer of the republinazis wants to silence them. This man has a God complex that makes him think he’s powerful enough to single-handedly control the entire congress.

He has already insisted that all pending legislation be routed through his office before any votes are taken. His intention is to prevent any bills he doesn’t like from getting to the floor. As soon as President Obama took office, this racist declared that he would do everything in his power to see that Obama failed. He recently voiced his proud endorsement of the wicked witch of Delaware, Christine O’Donnell, for U.S. Senate. DeMint told several hundred people at a Greater Freedom Rally in Spartanburg that if someone is openly homosexual or if an unmarried woman sleeps with her boyfriend, then that person shouldn’t be allowed to teach in the classroom.

DeMint’s democratic opponent is the dimwitted Alvin Greene who doesn’t stand a chance of unseating him. However, Green Party candidate Tom Clements shows promise. He’s our only hope of preventing this extreme idealog and prick of the week from serving another term.

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