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October 21, 2010

My father used to say, “You should never discuss politics, religion, or money with your friends.” That bit of wisdom came back to haunt me lately when I realized how deeply divided we Americans are on these subjects, especially politics.

When it comes to religion, there are the Christians and then there’s everybody else. When money is the subject, there are the obscenely wealthy and then there’s everybody else (who wish they were wealthy). As for politics, it has become us and them, Democrats versus republicans, liberals versus conservatives.

If that wasn’t divisive enough, along comes the ultra conservative tea party. I can almost understand how the wrongful right might feel having a democratic president and congressional majority. I spent the entire eight Bush years with a pain in my gut and an inability to take a full breath.  Bush got us into the mess we’re in. Obama is trying his best to get us out of it. So why did the right remain silent during those dismal Bush years and become so viciously vocal as soon as Obama took the reins? Could they really be that stupid? My feeling is… YES! But there has to be more to it.

It made no sense until I finally realized that this is more than just a red versus blue thing. It has got to be a white versus black thing. The reason that this wasn’t my first thought is because I’m not a racist. But this is the only rational explanation. The NAACP just brought to light the overt racism and intolerance of right-wing extremist protestors in the tea party. Their signs and actions leave no doubt that they are anti-black and anti-gay. The leadership of the racist republicans and teabaggers won’t openly admit that they and their flock just can’t stand it that there is a black man in the White House. If they did, they’d be lighting the fuse to a bomb that would blow up in their smug faces.

Well, I say “Light the fuse!” Let America see how petty and hateful you really are. And, while you’re at it, admit that you are the party of big business and that you couldn’t care less about everybody else.

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  1. October 23, 2010 12:40 PM

    Hi, thanks for coming to my blog – I hope you’ll be back!

    I’ve been looking through yours and it’s really interesting. My husband is black so he’s had to deal with racism of this sort his whole life. He has also always thought the outrage of the teabaggers is due to racism – but it’s not acceptable to say that so they try to find any other reason to hate him even when there isn’t one. Like you say, Bush got us into this mess so are they really stupid enough to blame Obama?

  2. October 25, 2010 12:06 AM

    It’s scary but true. Hard to believe even.

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