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Another Pseudo-Christian Republican Nutcake

September 8, 2010


A Book by Pastor Terry Jones

You see? This is why I rail against organized religion and the sheeple who blindly follow any self-proclaimed religious leader off the street to the edge of oblivion. Pastor Terry D. Jones of the non-denominational, evangelical Dove World Outreach Center church in Florida is going to host an “International Burn A Koran Day” on September 11th. You’d think that any organization with the name “dove” in it would be a peaceful one, but in this case you’d be wrong. He intends on burning the Korans to show his opposition to the proposed “mosque at ground zero”.

Mr. Jones, 58, a former hotel manager is in no way a peaceful man. He keeps a holstered pistol on his side because he knows that his inflammatory speech and actions have earned him legions of enemies. He has accepted the support of Right Wing  Extreme (an armed “Christian” civilian militia group) which he said offered to protect him and his church with between 500 and 2,000 men on the 9th anniversary of 9/11.

It’s no surprise that Jones is a republican because that is the party of hate and feigned Christianity. He even has a portrait of George W. Bush on the wall of his office. One thing that is really disturbing to America’s Muslims, Jews and true Christians is that Jones’ anti-Islamic rhetoric has begun to enter the mainstream through republican political candidates who are sympathetic to his misguided cause.

Jones has hijacked Christianity in the same way that Al Qaeda hijacked Islam. They both use religion as a means of luring extremist nut-jobs into their folds. Demonstrators in Muslim countries are protesting in the streets and burning American flags and effigies of Jones. Legitimate religious leaders from all over the world (including the Pope) have asked him not to go through with his nazi-style book burning. General Petraeus has warned that Jones’ actions are putting our troops in jeopardy. The FBI and Justice Department have even tried to talk some sense into him, but he remains determined. He says that only a sign from God can stop him. I’m hoping for a hefty bolt of lightning.

Jones argues that, as an American Christian, he has a right to burn Islam’s sacred book because “it’s full of lies.” But when asked about his knowledge of the Koran, he said plainly: “I have no experience with it whatsoever. I only know what the Bible says.” Oh, yeah? And what could the Bible possibly say about the Koran and Islam, a book and a religion that didn’t exist before the 7th century A.D.? Before burning the Koran, maybe he should read the Bible – especially the New Testament – to see what it really says.

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  1. September 8, 2010 11:16 AM

    well said.

  2. September 8, 2010 6:45 PM

    Interesting and Intriguing musings Oh, Stranded One!


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