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Laudate Dominum: A Sanctuary for Pets Left Behind

August 25, 2010

Edward the Rabbit

Laudate Dominum Hermitage is a modest monastery in the Appalachian mountains near Elk Creek, Virginia that serves as a refuge and sanctuary for unwanted and abandoned pets. Dogs, cats, a few chickens and a rabbit have found their forever home here within this traditional, religious community of the Hermits of the Contemplative Heart of Mary.

With God’s blessing and a few loyal supporters, these genuine custodians of creation barely manage  to pay for pet food, people food, vet bills and various other expenses. These dedicated people deserve any support we can offer them. They always need more pet facilities, donated veterinarian services, volunteers to help with the animals and, of course, food and monetary donations. To Learn more about the sanctuary and how you can help, go to:

You can sponsor a cat for $10, or sponsor a dog for $15, or both for $25! Checks may be made out to L. D. Hermitage and mailed to: 3804 Big Ridge Road, Elk Creek, VA. 24326. The Hermitage will gladly send a receipt thanking you for your donation. Their email address is:

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  1. August 25, 2010 12:16 PM

    fabulous! they are heros.

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