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Conklin Dairy Farm Video

August 1, 2010

This is the  famous abuse video shot by Mercy For Animals. It is difficult to watch, but you should force yourself because this is what animal abuse looks like. Billy Joe Gregg is the primary abuser in this video but not the only one. He has become the poster turd for animal abuse because of his performance here.

Gregg brags about what he did to one cow, saying: “We beat the f**k out of this cow. We stabbed her. I broke her tail in three places, kept stabbin’ her ass, beat her. Next day Gary [owner of the dairy] says, ‘We’re gonna send her to beef’ cuz she had mastitis and all. [Mastitis is inflammation of the udder]. We couldn’t get her in the parlor. We beat the f**k , I mean we drugged that cow. I beat that f**ker till her face was like this big around [making a gesture that her head was three times normal size].”

In another part he explains: “I get going, it’s just like, ‘Oh, this feels so good.’ I wanna keep f**king hitting ’em.”

And, in another part of the video he brags: “If I don’t think they’re feeling any pain, I just keep goin’ until the  cow’s like [makes moaning noise] and I’m like ‘yeah, that’s done.’ ”

 And Billy Joe’s goal was to eventually become a cop. Can you imagine how you’d be treated if he arrested you? If I’d been at this dairy and had a gun, I’d have shot him and felt good about it. If he was still moaning, I’d have stomped on his head until he stopped breathing and then said, “Yeah, that’s done.”

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